How To Cure Dry, Dull And Thirsty Afro Hair

Although afro hair is attractive, its fragile & dry nature acts as a big hindrance in managing it properly. This is partly because of the coiled structure of the hair which prevents oil from spreading evenly through. This problem gets even more pronounced when the hair is heat-styled or over-processed with chemicals.

The good news, however, is that there is a cure. The remedy involves a simple regimen that preserves the hair's natural oils thereby minimizing damage. In practice, it requires the right blend of natural oils to enhance its overall health. If you feel that your hair is excessively dry, then you should try Design Essentials natural coconut and monoi to restore your hair strength and regain back its beauty.

Using Coconut and Monoi Products

Intense Shine Oil Mist

Most beauty and hair influencers who use Coconut and Monoi products say that the continuous use of Intense Shine Oil Mist soothes dry and brittle hair while leaving each strand nourished and conditioned. This revitalizing formula is packed with protecting agents which help shield curls from damaging elements and keep them bouncing with radiant shine.

Coconut & Monoi Deep Moisture Oil Treatment

Infused with nourishing Moroccan Argan Oil with Vitamin E, this oil treatment helps revitalize antioxidants and starts repairing the damage instantly. It can also renew the strength and elasticity of hair while shielding them from elements that cause dryness and damage. The hair is likely to be softer and healthier after the first application only.

Design Essentials Natural Coconut & Monoi: For Dry, Dull, Very Thirsty Hair

The Design Essentials Natural Coconut and Monoi is the perfect solution for dry & dull hair. The product is infused with Coconut Oil, Monoi Oil, and nourishing botanical to quench the thirst of dry curls. Each Coconut and Monoi formula is designed to deliver intense hydration to instantly transform dry hair into soft, shiny and revitalized curls within a short period of time.

So, if you’re struggling with dry and brittle hair then this natural coconut and Monoi elixir is your best bet.

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