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  • Afro Hair Care- Detangling Tips That Work like Magic

    Well, let’s face it, natural Afro hair tangles. A lot. And it can be frustrating and annoying. Imagine your partner’s fingers getting stuck in your mane when he or she is trying to be all romantic and playful. Oh, the horror! The situation can become even more disastrous when you have to be somewhere but are forced to sit in the bathroom trying to untangle the mess on your head. This is why you may need some tips to get your gorgeous Afro hair looking smooth, curly and tangle-free without ripping them off. Continue reading

  • Easy And Simple Hair Care Tips For Girls With Weaves

    Whether you like adding some luscious length to your tresses or experimenting with crazy hair colors, wigs and even weaves can give you the freedom to transform your hair without the fear of any long-term commitment. However, there is nothing worse than an unkempt weave. Visible growth and tracks on matted hair can give you an untidy and disheveled look. Whether you use your weave as a style statement or to simply save yourself some time on doing your hair, it is important that you keep it in good condition. Continue reading

  • Prep Your Hair For Summers With These Tips By UK’s Most Popular Hair Celebs

    Two popular celebrity hairdressers of the UK who are behind some of the most stunning hairstyles that we see on the red carpet in the awards seasons have some tips to help you prepare your hair for the summers. Take a look at them:

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  • 3 Ways To Solve Your Summer Hair Fixes

    No matter how much you try, managing your hair during the summer can be a big pain. While you may try to stick to the mantra of “only gloss, no sweat”, the humidity, harsh sunlight and high temperature can lead to it being easier said than done. You can try our innovative range of products that are formulated to take care of your natural hair and give it a smooth texture without any breakage or damage. Continue reading

  • Tips To Keep Your Hair Healthy And Vibrant Throughout The Day

    Styling natural hair is often a big challenge and it takes lots of effort to get a really great look.

    When styling natural hair, it is necessary to wash hair after every 10-14 days, because otherwise, you could suffer from scalp infections, dandruff or have bacteria grow on the scalp.

    Using conditioner and moisturizing shampoo is also crucial because it prevents moisture loss.

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  • Tips For Getting Hair Ready For Spring

    Styling – The increased moisture in the atmosphere makes some styles difficult to maintain.
    Since the weather will be come really humid and our hair will be prone to frizz;
    we can minimize it with Desisn Essentials Almond & Avocado curl enhancing Mousse when doing a braid/twist outs and/or wash and gos.

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  • Regain the Health of Your Hair with Design Essential Naturals

    Silk Press with Zero Damage! Experience our advanced Agave & Lavender Blow Dry & Silk Press Collection formulated with natural agave extract, soothing lavender, mango fruit butters, and a proprietary blend of antioxidants, restorative vitamins and superfoods like broccoli oil and green tea extract. This collection works synergistically to transform natural textures to a silky-smooth finish without worry of breakage or destroying the hair’s natural curl pattern caused by heat damage.  Restores vital moisture to dry and chemically treated hair  thus preventing split-ends and breakage. The  result – much healthier looking blow-outs! Continue reading

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