Celebrity-Inspired Protective Hairstyles That You’ll Want To Wear All Summer

If one of your hair goals this summer is to shield your hair from damage, then you might want to incorporate protective hairstyles into your hair care regime. These hairstyles work to reduce manipulation of your locks, improve growth retention and protect the ends of your hair, thus reducing the worrisome knots and tangles.

We have rounded up some of our favorite protective hairstyles for you to try this season. What’s more, they are celebrity-approved!

1. Fulani Braids
Fulani braids are trendy, chic and one of Solange’s go-to hairstyles. They have many interesting patterns, which set them apart from other natural braided hairstyles. One of the most popular patterns is cornrows braided down the center of your head from front to back. You can further take this style to the next level by adding beads and cowry shells throughout the length of the braids.

2. Havana Twists
Loved by celebrities like Yara Shahidi, these stylish twists are created with two strands using Havana hair extensions. If you are looking for fine and tight twists, you need to apply high tension when you twist. On the other hand, if you want more voluminous and bigger twists, apply minimal tension. They are easy to wear and even easier to maintain, which makes them the perfect protective hairstyle for summer.

3. Box Braids
Box braids are simple, classic and extremely versatile. You can twist them over to one side, tie them up in a ponytail or even weave them into a bun - there is no dearth of options when it comes to playing with box braids. And even when worn casually, they are beautiful to look at. You can even follow Ciara’s footsteps, and make your box braids more dramatic by parting them into bigger sections.

These hairstyles combined with the Design Essentials Natural Almond And Avocado Shampoo will ensure that your gorgeous natural hair remains soft, moisturized and tangle-free during summer. The natural almond and avocado extracts in the shampoo makes it gentle and thus, great for daily use.

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