Afro Hair Care- Detangling Tips That Work like Magic

Well, let’s face it, natural Afro hair tangles. A lot. And it can be frustrating and annoying. Imagine your partner’s fingers getting stuck in your mane when he or she is trying to be all romantic and playful. Oh, the horror! The situation can become even more disastrous when you have to be somewhere but are forced to sit in the bathroom trying to untangle the mess on your head. This is why you may need some tips to get your gorgeous Afro hair looking smooth, curly and tangle-free without ripping them off.

Check out these effective tips for detangling your hair without causing any damage:

  1. Wet and slippery

    According to lifestyle and beauty blogger Nikki Walton, the best way to deal with Afro tangles is to add moisture. Wet your hair to a point that they are drenched and then apply a generous amount of conditioner to it. You can use the Keracare conditioner. The water and the conditioner will sufficiently lubricate your hair, making it slippery, which is ideal for detangling. The slipperiness will allow the brush or comb to glide through without causing any breakage.

  2. Divide it up

    Dividing your hair into sections is always a good idea when trying to detangle. Remember to lubricate it before you do so. Make 5-6 sections of your hair and focus on one section at a time. This is much less stressful than taking on a whole head of unruly curls, and also allows you to work every part of your hair. The separation also ensures that the detangled hair does not get mixed up with the untangled hair. We all know what happens then! Secure the sections in place using hair clips.

  3. Use the right tools

    Yes, all kinds of combs and brushes can be used for detangling but some are slightly better than the others. It is advisable to use wide toothed combs or brushes with wire bristles. The teeth on the combs should be at least half an inch apart. Do not use boar bristle brushes as their tiny bristles can do more harm than good. Brushes can also help get rid of shed hair. After all, an average human sheds more than 50 hairs a day.

  4. Start from the ends

    NEVER start your detangling mission from the midsection or the root of your hair. This can only lead to one thing - damage. And the damage can cause heartbreak. You wouldn’t want that, would you? Starting from the top can also lead to the formation of new stubborn knots. Always begin at the ends and then gradually work your way up. Once you are done with the end, begin detangling from an inch or two above it. Repeat the process until the section is completely tangle-free.

  5. Detangle before AND after a wash

    Apply shampoo often makes your hair prone to becoming sticky, so before you shampoo, make sure that all your strands are as separated as they can be. You wouldn’t want to have tangles and then add some more with all the shampooing. After you apply the conditioner, detangle again, as explained previously. For best results, use a shampoo and conditioner that is specially created for natural hair. The Keracare shampoo and the Keracare conditioner fit right into the bill.

Always be gentle when detangling your hair. Natural hair is amazing. Give it the love it deserves! If you are looking for Afro-safe hair care products, try the Keracare hair products.

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