3 Ways To Solve Your Summer Hair Fixes

No matter how much you try, managing your hair during the summer can be a big pain. While you may try to stick to the mantra of “only gloss, no sweat”, the humidity, harsh sunlight and high temperature can lead to it being easier said than done. You can try our innovative range of products that are formulated to take care of your natural hair and give it a smooth texture without any breakage or damage.

Here is a list of few products which will help you get healthier looking hair even when you are afflicted by the troubles of the summer season:

1. Give your hair more volume with the Design Essentials Oat Protein Henna Shampoo.

Heat, humidity, and sweating can leave your hair looking flat and limp. Use our Design Essentials Oat Protein Henna Shampoo to achieve healthy voluminous hair that is much more manageable. It contains Hydrolyzed Oat Protein and henna, which increases hydration and adds volume and shine, respectively.

                Design Essentials     Design Essentials oat

2. Prevent scalp infections with Design Essentials Peppermint & Aloe Anti-Septic Pre-Shampoo Treatment

The summers cannot just torment your hair but also cause problems for your scalp. Constant sweating can lead to scalp irritation, which, if not attended to, can cause infections. The Design Essentials Peppermint & Aloe Anti-Septic Pre-Shampoo Treatment is filled with the goodness of natural ingredients that can provide soothing effects for your scalp. This innovative product can also rid your scalp of all kinds of dirt and impurities.

              Anti-Septic Pre-Shampoo   Anti-Septic Pre-Shampoo Treatment

3. Protect your relaxed hair with the Affirm shampoos and conditioners

The summers mean that you must take extra care of your relaxed hair. Since the texture is different from your normal hair, it demands special care and attention. Affirm shampoos and conditioners are specially made for relaxed hair. They contain special ingredients that help clean and moisturize relaxed hair and keep it tangle-free.

With increased innovations in hair care, there are new products being developed that target specific hair types and hair problems. For solutions to all natural Afro hair woes, Headlines Beauty is the place for you. We offer a range of different products that cater to a multitude of customers.

           Affirm shampoos

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